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Minority-Led Law Firm Investment

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Wayne Equity Partners Invest in Minority-Led law firm.

WEP this month invested in the Solano Law Firm. The Solano Law firm is based in Huntsville Alabama. Headed by Kahalia Solano-Johnson an African-American woman from New York City. The firm's areas of practice are employment law, civil and also has a service to provide general counsel to corporations or small business who aren't yet at the stage where they can bring on an attorney full time.

Huntsville, AL has become the fastest growing city in the country in 2022. A booming population with a need and good stewardship of the business we believe is a recipe for success.

Civil and Employment Law

Solano Law Firm primary areas of practice is civil and employment law. Within these areas the firm will cater to the population's need for civil justice along with fair an equitable employment conditions and practices.

Continuing our mission

This latest partnership venture supports Wayne Equity Partner's mission to grow and expand the success of minority owned businesses while expanding the bottom line for our investors.

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